We're bringing leading thinkers together to talk about the future of workplace design, technology, and health.

The importance of place: Designing for the next decade

Join us for a discussion with One Workplace as they walk us through their design for the new Workplace 2030 interactive learning center showcasing how the office will evolve following COVID-19.

The intelligent workplace: Designing for the next decade

Join us for a discussion with Accenture about how COVID-19 is accelerating trends reshaping the workplace and the role of technology in the next 10 years of workplace design.

A workplace with heart: designing workplaces for the future

Join us for a discussion with Gensler, the largest architecture firm in the world, as we explore how we use space, real estate cost, and collaboration in a hybrid home + office environment.

Enabling a COVID-safe touchless workplace experience

Chargifi, CEO Dan Bladen joins us to discuss how smart wireless charging can enable a COVID-safe touchless experience in the workplace, to give your employees the confidence they need as they return.

The future of the workplace; creating a balanced space

Peter Otto, Chief Product Officer at Condeco, joins to discuss workplace density, sanitization, closing/reopening offices, and contact tracing.

Rubric for determining when to reopen your workplace: An evidence-based model

Join us for a discussion with Dr. Maureen Miller, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Columbia University as we tackle the biggest questions real estate and facilities people have.