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Workplace 2030 is a non-profit initiative that provides educational resources business leaders need to safely bring employees back to the workplace. We're assembling leading medical professionals, workplace designers, technology, services, and policy makers to build something together that the world really needs.

Our mission

We aim to provide actionable guidance and support for companies and their employees who are tasked with reopening corporate offices, with an ultimate goal of ensuring the safety of our citizens and the productivity of our economy in the wake of COVID-19.

Our projects

Interactive Learning Centers
Showcase offices that incorporate new technology and practices for today's world.
Original Research
Guidance from the 2030 Initiative on how to operate workplaces safely.
Pulling from the latest thinking on workplace design and practices.

About our founder

Brandon Cook is the Founder and Executive Director of Workplace 2030, where he identifies companies leading the movement to create safe and healthy workspaces and connects them with each other and the scientific community to accelerate technology innovation and industry education. Brandon also leads the go to market team at Proxy and has more than 15 years’ experience in the tech industry identifying and developing new markets.

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